Angular project review

With our Angular project review, we will take a deep dive into your codebase, ensuring it's not just robust but also highly maintainable, extendable, and operating with top-notch performance.

You can expect that we're going to identify any areas of potential improvements and make sure you're on the right track by implementing best practices, allowing your team to focus on business-specific features instead of technical details.

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Leverage Angular expertise

Angular is a really powerful frontend development framework and the best results are usually achieved by choosing the right approach to ensure your project's lasting success.

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Focus areas of the Angular project review

You can expect comprehensive analysis and review of all relevant aspects of your Angular application.

  • Architecture - clean architecture represents the cornerstone of every Angular application. It has the largest influence on the overall long term maintainability and extendability of the project.
  • Performance - from optimizing bundle size (startup performance) to making sure that the views of your Angular application can handle and render even the longest list of items with ease.

    We're going to make sure that your users are getting the best possible experience which will translate to the positive impact on your business targets.
  • Best practices - one of the best thing about using Angular for your frontend is that it comes with a huge ecosystem and community which means that a lot of best practices have already been discovered & established.

    We're going to make sure that your project is following them everywhere where they make sense in regards to your specific needs and circumstances.
Tailored to fit perfectly to your Angular project, based on your specific situation, challenges & needs
Quick delivery, usually within less than a week from the moment we get the access to the project repo
Full focus only on what matters and improve maintainability, extendability, performance, ...
Comprehensive, structured review document to keep and use as a roadmap for improving you Angular project
In-depth findings call, where we walk you through the review document with enough space for ad hoc questions
Save even more time with optional delivery of suggested improvements as a separate package

Angular project review process

No matter how complex your project needs, it all begins with the same, simple process. Just let us know what you need and we’ll reach out as soon as possible with an initial plan of action.

1. step of the process - get in touch

1. Get in touch

Fill out our basic get in touch form, shoot us an email at or reach out at social media accounts Tomas & Kevin.

2. step of the process - schedule free 30 minutes call

2. Introductory call

Next, we're going to schedule 30-minutes FREE call to learn more details about your project, specific goals and challenges.

3. step of the process - repo access & NDA

3. NDA, repo access and offer

With better idea about your needs, we're going to request access to the project repository and after signing your NDA and a quick preliminary analysis, we're going to create an offer tailor made to the scope of your specific needs and circumstances!

4. step of the process - approval and start

4. Offer approval and start

With the offer based on our preliminary findings in your hands, we stand prepared to move forward upon receiving your final approval.

5. step of the process - analysis and review document

5. Analysis and review document

Now it's time to take a deep dive into your Angular projects source code, meticulously documenting our findings, actionable insights, and specific examples in a comprehensive review document.

This invaluable resource will drive our subsequent conversation and is yours to retain!

6. step of the process - call

6. Findings call

Now it's time to schedule clarification session with you and your team to walk you through all our findings.

This session provides an opportunity for you to ask questions, seek clarifications, and share additional context or objectives regarding your Angular projects.

7. step of the process - follow-up and hands-on support (optional)

Follow-up and hands-on support Optional

We offer the flexibility to schedule follow-up reviews at your discretion, ensuring you stay on the right track.

Additionally, we can take care of implementing selected suggestions, allowing your team to devote their energy to business-centric use cases and enhancing user value.

The Angular project review document

All findings, suggestions and recommendations are delivered in a comprehensive review document, which is yours to keep and share with your team.

This document is designed to be a valuable resource to return back to after our initial findings call and to keep you on track when implementing prioritized suggestion to improve your Angular project!

Example page of the Angular project review document by Angular ExpertsExample page of the Angular project review document by Angular ExpertsExample page of the Angular project review document by Angular ExpertsExample page of the Angular project review document by Angular Experts

Prioritize key recommendations for the greatest impact

We're fully aware that your time is valuable and not all suggestions and improvements are created equal. That's why we've incorporated a powerful prioritization system in the delivered review document to help you focus on what truly matters!

Our color-coded list of suggestions is designed to bring clarity and represents a roadmap for your Angular application's success, thoughtfully organized to make your development journey smoother.

Objectivelly better suggestions

Objectively Better

These suggestions are based on empirical evidence, rigorous testing, or concrete data. This means that the advice or feedback isn't merely opinion-based but stems from objective metrics like Angular application bundle size, shape of the dependency graph or application startup performance.

Implementing these recommendations often leads to measurable improvements in your Angular project or aligns with industry best practices.

Recommended suggestions

Highly Recommended

Feedback in this category is backed by our internal consensus, hands-on experience, and documented positive outcomes in related contexts. While it doesn't lean heavily on data like the "Objectively Better" suggestions, it represents our trusted Angular best practices.

We base this on our experience, but recognize that others may have different viewpoints and preferences.

Subjective suggestions


These recommendations reflect our unique workflows and methodologies, which aim to align with prevalent best practices in the global Angular and frontend community.

As members of the Google Developer Experts for Angular program, we enjoy unparalleled access to the Angular team and gain privileged insights into direction of Angular evolution and allows us to shape our recommendations accordingly.

Who gets most the value of Angular project review

This service is for you and your team if you want to make sure you're on the right track and don't miss out on any low hanging fruits that could improve performance, maintainability and developer experience of your Angular project all of which tend to have a noticeable positive impact on business bottom line!


Product teams

Product teams primarily focus on their core domain and product knowledge, often with less emphasis on the underlying technology.

External Angular frontend expertise delivered in specific points of the product lifecycle can have noticeable positive impact and contribute to delivering greater value to their user base.

  • Specialization brings in-depth knowledge and insights that can be introduced to the codebase and harnessed by the team which can follow and build upon introduced patterns
  • Often, even minor refinements can yield significant and lasting improvements in the project's codebase.

Full-stack teams

Full-stack teams typically tend to possess strong backend expertise which which is an essential ingredient for delivering successful products.

External Angular frontend expertise can complement their skills and enrich the overall value delivered to the users of their solutions.

  • Frontend represents a very wide range of technologies and approaches by itself
  • Specialization allows for in depth know how and insights which can be introduced leveraged by the rest of the team
  • Small tweaks can often have huge positive lasting impact on the project codebase

Software architects

As a software architect, my primary duty is to engineer robust, scalable Angular applications that enhance user experiences.

This makes collaboration with industry peers and experts essential, as their input helps me fine-tune my ideas and weigh potential trade-offs for optimal outcomes.

  • Frontend (and Angular ) keeps evolving at rapid pace with new approaches like standalone APIs or Angular signals
  • From Angular application architecture to reusable libraries, there is usualy no silver bullet and a host of tradeoffs to be considered based on unique set of requirements and constrains

With Angular project review, we're going to delve deep into your codebase, and provide suggestions to fine-tune it with best practices and identifying low-hanging fruit to improve maintainability, accelerate delivery speed, and enhance end-user performance.


Discover what our satisfied clients have to say about their experience and value they and their organization received by choosing the Angular application review service.

Codebase review

While there is still a lot for us to implement and refine, the feedback is useful and insightful, for anyone who is considering getting an external review, I can strongly recommend Angular Experts!

I reached out to Tomas on Twitter( in the beginning of this year, he's always got a friendly reply and handy advice. I bought his e-book Angular Enterprise Architecture and was able to set up our new project with more clarity than I would have had on my own.
I eventually managed to arrange a code-review session with him, and I've never been so pleased with the feedback I've received. It was full of actionable insights and recommendations that we can put now into practice!
Jacques Terblanche

Jacques Terblanche

Senior Developer, The ID Register (Holdings) Limited

Cape Town, South Africa

Codebase review
Tomas and Kevin were able to quickly understand our code base, and provide concrete and impactful improvements to our project that give us confidence moving forward. The value far exceeded my expectations and look forward to future opportunities to engage with their expertise
Joshua Frederick

Joshua Frederick

VP of Engineering, Greenfly

California, USA

Codebase review
Engaging Angular Experts Tomas and Kevin were a game-changer! Their thorough review and valuable recommendations for our web app's SEO, user experience, and developer speed gave us confidence to scale our application. Highly impressed!
Syahiruddin Daud

Syahiruddin Daud

Full-stack Developer, River Valley Irregulars

River Valley, Singapore

Codebase review
Kevin and Tomas are experts in their field and gave us a workshop using a mix of hands-on presentation and eye-level advice. Their advice helped us move forward in our specific challenges.
Florian Amstutz

Florian Amstutz

Project Manager, Raiffeisen Schweiz

Zurich, Switzerland


Ready to take your Angular project to the next level?

  • Build your Angular project the right way

    Following the Angular project review, your codebase will undergo a transformation. It will be fine-tuned, packed with best practices, resulting in a codebase that is not only performant for the end users but also easier to extend and maintain byt the team!

    Your users will definitely notice and appreciate the improved performance and usability, leading to higher satisfaction and positive impact on your organizations bottom line.

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Angular Project Review

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$ 249 / hour + applicable VAT
  • All-inclusive price which covers review, review document and the findings call
  • Final price only after we determine scope of the review and your approval (usually 1 to 3 days of work)
  • Final price tailored to your specific project needs
  • Please see the process for more details.
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  • Positive outcome for your team and the project

    Become a driving force in the success of your team and organization by making sure that your Angular project stands on a solid foundation and you are not leaving any unrealized value on the table!

    Using the optimized approaches and best practices in your Angular project leads to positive outcomes which tend to have multiplier effect on the productivity and morale of the whole team and the benefits of that often spread further within the organization!

Your Angular Experts

Our consultancy currently features two of Switzerland’s leading Google Developer Experts. With less than 150 such experts worldwide, partnering with us unlocks a wealth of knowledge that we’re eager to share with your brand. For the past 5 years, we’ve provided Angular consultancy you can count on!

Kevin Kreuzer - GDE for Angular & Web Technologies

Kevin Kreuzer

GDE for Angular & Web Technologies

A trainer, consultant, and senior front-end engineer with a focus on the modern web, as well as a Google Developer Expert for Angular & Web technologies. He is deeply experienced in implementing, maintaining and improving applications and core libraries on behalf of big enterprises worldwide.

Kevin is forever expanding and sharing his knowledge. He maintains and contributes to multiple open-source projects and teaches modern web technologies on stage, in workshops, podcasts, videos and articles. He is a writer for various tech publications and was 2019’s most active Angular In-Depth publication writer.

Tomas Trajan - GDE for Angular & Web Technologies

Tomas Trajan

GDE for Angular & Web Technologies

A Google Developer Expert for Angular & Web Technologies working as a consultant and Angular trainer. Currently empowering teams in enterprise organizations worldwide by implementing core functionality and architecture, introducing best practices, sharing know-how and optimizing workflows.

Tomas strives continually to provide maximum value for customers and the wider developer community alike. His work is underlined by a vast track record of publishing popular industry articles, leading talks at international conferences and meetups, and contributing to open-source projects.

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