The ultimate terminal for Angular developers

A step by step guide to setup an epic terminal optimized for Angular development, with hyper, fish and oh-my-posh.

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Kevin Kreuzer

Kevin Kreuzer


Dec 21, 2022

7 min read

The ultimate terminal for Angular developers

What’s an essential tool for a developer? A proper terminal, of course.

When I refer to a proper terminal, I am not talking about an old fashion
looking terminal. I am talking about some epic stuff here. We are talking about a terminal
with enhanced usability, fancy features, and a UI optimized for Angular development.

Sounds good; let me show you how to set it up.

Terminal setup

The terminal we are going to set up consists of three layers.

Terminal setup

A Shell, a framework, and finally, a terminal. There are various choices for each of those levels. In our case, we will use fish as a shell, oh-my-posh as a framework, and hyper as a Terminal.

The Shell

A shell is an interface to the operating system. We can use this interface to execute commands or even scripts.

The most common shells are probably zsh and bash . zsh is much more customizable than bash but they are very similar at its core. So if zsh and bash are the most common shells, why are we using fish?

fish stands for "Friendly interactive Shell". fish is highly customizable, has fantastic tab completion and the outstanding syntax highlighting makes it, at least in my opinion, the most user-friendly shell.

Installing fish 🐟

There are various ways to install software. I use a Mac and usually install all my developer software with homebrew. Throughout this tutorial, we will also use homebrew, but there are other ways to install the software.

brew install fish

That’s it. fish is installed. But we are not seeing much at this point because no terminal is yet using fish. We will fix this in a later step. But let's first take a look at oh-my-posh.

Oh my posh — the theme engine for your terminal

To let our terminal shine, we install oh-my-posh.

oh-my-posh is a custom prompt engine for any shell that has the ability to adjust the prompt string with a function or variable.

When it comes to installing oh-my-posh, again, homebrew has us covered.

brew tap jandedobbeleer/oh-my-posh
brew install oh-my-posh

Neat. We successfully installed oh-my-posh. Now it's time to install an oh-my-posh theme.

Angularic - the oh-my-posh theme for Angular developers

For the best possible looking terminal and maximum functionality we created a oh-my-posh theme name Angularic that is optimized for Angular development. (Credits to Tomas)

Angularic is a theme for Oh My Posh, a cross-shell prompt theming engine. It brings lots of infos relevant to Angular development packaged in a sleek and modern design.

The angularic theme contains the following outstanding features:

  • Display of Angular version (major).
  • Display of NX version (major).
  • Display of Node version (major).
  • Display of NPM version (major).
  • Display of current User.
  • Git status (behind, ahead, changes...)
  • Execution status & execution time
  • Date and time

Setup Angularic

For a fully functional terminal with the Angularic theme we first need to install a Nerd font.

Nerd font

To display all icons used inside the Angularic theme we need a Nerd font.

A Nerd font is a modified font that contains the original font plus additional icons (glyphs).

oh-my-posh offers a great helper to install a Nerd font. Open up a terminal and execute the following command.

oh-my-posh font install

Use the wizard to select and install your favourite Nerd font.

Download Angularic

Let's start by creating a .poshthemes folder at the system root. Inside this .poshtemes folder we create a new JSON file named angularic.omp.json and add the content from this Github Repository.

Great, we successfully setup Angularic. Let's use it.

Connect oh-my-posh, fish and Angularic

Now it’s time to connect the pieces, fish, oh-my-posh and our angularic theme. By installing fish a .config folder was created in our system root.


Open this file with your Vim or an editor of your choice and add the content below. What, Vim?! You might say? Come on; we are setting up a terminal 😉.

if status is-interactive
    # Commands to run in interactive sessions can go here
fish_add_path /opt/homebrew/bin
oh-my-posh --init --shell fish --config ~/.poshthemes/angularic.omp.json | source
In my case the fish_add_path was necessary for fish to recognize commands like git or node.

We execute oh-my-posh with some arguments and pass the theme we just copied as an argument.

Great! We successfully coupled fish and oh-my-posh together with our angularic theme. Let’s move on to the last part that will finally put everything together.

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Hyper — the JS terminal

hyper is a terminal that is built completely on web technologies. It's a beautiful and extensible terminal. It’s highly customizable, has tons of plugins, and, well, it just looks nice.

Again, we can install hyper with homebrew.

brew install hyper

Once hyper is installed, we can open it, and…

Initial hyper terminal

It doesn’t look as advertised. Well yeah, we haven’t customized it yet.


The first thing to add is a theme. hyper has its own themes, but we will use the mighty Dracula theme here.

Darcula `Hyper` theme

There are two ways to install this theme.

Either you can run hyper install hyper-dracula or we can add it to the config file. I prefer the config file because we will also use it for further customizations.

Assumed you have hyper opened, click in the top menu on Hyper > Preferences. This will open the .hyper.js file, which is located in your system root. In this file we will do two customizations.
First, let’s search for the fontFamily property and add make sure to list our previously installed Nerd font as the first font. Next, let's search for the plugins property and add hyper-dracula to the array.

To apply the changes, we have to click on View > Full Reload. Great, at this point, our terminal should have the nice Dracula style. But that’s not all yet.


By applying a theme, we learned about plugins. hyper has tons of great plugins. Even though you may want to install them all, be aware that installing too many plugins also impacts performance. I personally installed the following plugins:

  • Hyperpower — adds a very nice power effect with wow mode once you start typing.
  • Hyperborder — adds a multicolored border to your terminal
  • gitrocket — Launches a rocket once you push to a repository
  • space-pull — Lands a rocket once we pull code from a repository

Installing those plugins is super easy. We have to add it to our plugins array in the .hyper.js config file.

plugins: [

If the plugins aren’t yet applied click on Tools > Update plugins.

Put everything together

Wow. At this point, our Hyper terminal looks awesome. But, guess what? It’s not yet using fish nor oh-my-posh.

We already connected fish ane oh-my-posh. And now we will also connect hyper". To do so, we again have to edit the .hyper.js config file. This time we have to update the shell property to point to our fish shell. If you installed fish with homebrew, the path looks like this:

shell: '/opt/homebrew/bin/fish'

If you don't know where fish is installed you can simply type which fish in your terminal.

That’s it. We successfully setup the ultimate terminal for Angular developers. Happy coding!

Final terminal setup

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